The golden age of housebuilding, which ran from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, produced millions of homes in which people still want to live today.  We want to take the best of that period: the variation in design given order by simple repetition, the ubiquitous front and back gardens, the use of hedges, tree and lawns and the grouping of homes with other local amenities.

To this we want to add the demands of the modern age; smart and connected living, green open space and local shopping, employment, education and healthcare.

Welborne Garden Village will be the first realisation of the Welborne blueprint; a traditional English garden village, fit for the modern age and for the next one hundred years.

This is a development set between the South Downs National Park and the coast in Hampshire.  It will include up to 6,000 homes, shops, schools, employment and local facilities within an attractive, walkable and leafy environment.  With high standards of design and construction, the character of Welborne will be sympathetic to the local landscape and neighbouring villages.

Buckland Development Ltd (Buckland), the Master Developer of Welborne, is pursuing an approach to development that is widely different from the standard house builder model.  Different because Buckland is focused on a consistent, long-term vision that prioritises patient investment and delivery ahead of short term financial returns. The focus is on place-making rather than just housing numbers.

There is a genuine aspiration to create a popular place to live, work and visit that will stand the test of time and create a lasting legacy.

the Master Developer

A Hampshire-based company established in 2006, Buckland Development Ltd (Buckland) is the recognised Master Developer of Welborne. Having established Welborne Land Ltd in 2017 to acquire additional land parcels, all the land necessary for the delivery of the new settlement is “in-house”.  This creates opportunities for strategic planning across the entire site, efficient delivery of infrastructure and consistent quality of design.

Buckland has been working with Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council for over a decade, to shape and deliver the Welborne vision.  We are driving this shared vision and future delivery of Welborne with the full commitment and support of the local landowner, Southwick Estate. The estate has been in the stewardship of the same family for nearly 500 years – the philosophy of legacy, long term-vision and investment for the future is embedded in our approach.

As part of a group of companies that includes Buckland Capital Partners Ltd and Portchester Equity Ltd, Buckland benefits from the groups’  combined financial, investment and development knowledge.  Together with Welborne Land Ltd, Buckland is able to take a uniquely innovative and comprehensive approach to a complex project like Welborne.

Over the years, the Buckland in-house team and its’ supporting consultant team have been a consistent presence on this significant project – from following Fareham Borough Councils’ long process of planning and adoption of the Welborne Plan through to submission of our outline planning application and now planning for delivery on site. Buckland has maintained continued dialogue and engagement with the Council and local communities throughout this time and will continues to do so as Welborne moves to the next stage.