Our Vision

Welborne is about far more than housing.  Investment in the provision of facilities to support every day life is integral to our plans.  Facilities such as retail, health, community and social amenities together with parks, woodland and open space are being planned alongside delivery of housing.

Design Codes are being developed to create a sense of identity and character, ensuring the central vision is maintained over the 25+ year build out.  Welborne will not be a series of ‘identikit’ houses with little or no variation. Instead there will be character areas designed to reflect the landscape setting using an approach to building design that is empathetic to the neighbouring Hampshire villages.  Residential areas have been designed to be ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ with easy access to employment, education, open space and other facilities within Welborne.  There will be a variety of homes of different types, size and tenure, integrated to achieve socially inclusive, mixed-income, inter-generational development.

Buckland will continue its long-term vision and involvement beyond planning, through construction and into the stewardship of the early community.  Welborne Garden Village Trust (a not for profit company) has been established to provide support and stewardship of  the growing community, manage and maintain areas of public realm and allow for active participation of residents.