Funding agreed for junction 10 motorway upgrade


We are delighted with the recent confirmation from Homes England on the granting of £41.25 million Housing Investment towards the upgrade of Junction 10 of the M27. The grant will be awarded to Hampshire County Council as the delivery body for the junction works and will need to be paid back by Welborne over time. The £41.25m grant covers only part of the junction costs. The balance of up to £50m, will also be met by the development, so Welborne will ultimately be paying for the junction in its entirety.

Commenting on the news, John Beresford, Managing Director, Buckland Development said: “Homes England’s assistance by forward funding the junction work is a huge recognition of Welborne meeting the Government’s drive to building places that meet their Build Better, Build Beautiful initiative. The vision and delivery strategy we have for Welborne has long been aimed at making it one of the best places to live and work – we are really pleased that our vision and their policy objective have come together in this way. The forward funding is a major step to unlock the delivery so that we can start delivering homes and jobs to the region.”

The upgrade will involve the provision of a new motorway underpass and three new slip roads to facilitate an ‘all moves’ arrangement for the junction. The funding of the works are key to releasing one of the planning conditions and milestones set by Fareham Borough Council. Hampshire County Council have started the tendering process for the junction works.

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