A project of this size takes significant amounts of investment, resources and know-how. We have a fantastic array of advocates  who have driven Welborne forward since the beginning.

Click here for detailed information on our Delivery Strategy for the Welborne Garden Village development in Hampshire.

Buckland Development Ltd was originally established in 2006 to represent Southwick Estate – the local custodian of land allocated by the Local Council for Welborne. With a deep Hampshire heritage and close connection with the area, Buckland is the Master Developer responsible for the delivery of Welborne Garden Village near Fareham, Hampshire.

Buckland has been working with Fareham Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and other public sector and community group stakeholders to deliver the Welborne vision.

Masterplanning and designing an entirely new community within a 1,000-acre area has taken careful consideration and years to create. This has been the case for both the Council, in developing its Welborne Plan and policy framework, and for Buckland in its response and vision for delivering Welborne as both landowner and Master Developer.

The outline planning application for Welborne Garden Village was submitted by Buckland to Fareham Borough Council in March 2017 – the largest application ever received by the Council. It was approved by the Council’s Planning Committee on October 16th 2019. The S106 Agreement was signed in September 2021.

Buckland has been working with Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council ever since to shape and deliver the Welborne vision, and it is this collaborative and sustainable partnership which will allow us to develop a community that will stand the test of time.

Together with Buckland Capital Partners Ltd and Portchester Equity Ltd, we have the ability and resources to understand and deal with the technical, commercial and financial challenges associated with such a regionally significant project.


Welborne is a significant project and Buckland has been working on our plans for over a decade, in parallel to the Council’s Welborne Plan. Significant amounts of work have been undertaken, not only to prepare the outline planning application, but also to ensure that the vision and aspiration can be delivered.

Infrastructure is planned and designed as part of an overarching strategy reflecting Buckland’s long-term approach and commitment to place-making .  Rather than looking on a phase-by-phase basis, all infrastructure is being viewed as part of an holistic and integrated plan for the Garden Village.

Early investment is key to the vision.  Highways, public transport, pedestrian and cycle networks are designed in a co-ordinated way. Increased demand on utilities mean upgrades and reinforcements will be required – these are being considered strategically and will be planned as part of the early phases of delivery.   The total infrastructure requirements over the lifetime of the project are significant, with costs estimated by Buckland at over £300million.  A third of these costs will be incurred in the first five to seven years of development.

Buckland planned ahead by investing in the construction of a 50MW solar farm just east of Welborne.  The solar farm has been operational since 2015,  already supplying sufficient energy to grid to power the needs of the completed new development.

Provision of social infrastructure is an important part of creating a sense of place and a sustainable community.  Facilities such as community halls, indoor and outdoor sport facilities, plentiful green space, childcare and schools are planned for early delivery – integrated with housing delivery rather than being provided at a later date.

Proactive engagement with the local community is very important to Buckland.  We created public exhibitions and information events ahead of our outline planning application.  Since 2017, we established a forum to enable quarterly meetings with representatives from local parish councils, residents’ associations and societies.  Buckland is set to continue engagement and dialogue as the future detailed plans develop.